The Importance of a Quality First Impression

27 Apr

Physical appearance, body language and energy can all be used to form a first impression even before you get a chance to speak. A quality first impression is critical and often viewed as irretrievable, so make sure you are prepared.

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A quality first impression is irretrievable, so make it count!

Psychology studies from NYU and Harvard reveal that within a millisecond of meeting someone, enough neural information is gathered to form an impression to make nearly a dozen assumptions about someone. Physical appearance, body language and energy introduce you before you even have the opportunity to speak!

Here at Maclynn International, our team of experts help provide valuable insight and feedback to our clients to help them achieve their desired goals in personal relationships. Check out these useful tips for nailing a quality first impression!

The pre-impression

There is a strong likelihood that someone is going to look you up before meeting. Whether it’s a business interview or a romantic date we advise to be aware of what comes up on a Google search. If needed, make adjustments such as setting social media profiles to private mode and be ready to address any publicly accessible information. Do not stress about your online presence, though do be aware of what’s out there. Recognize potential love interests doing a bit of “research” about you before meeting is a relatively normal part of living in the digital age.

In-Person or Virtual Date Impression

Preparation is key when meeting someone new, which includes being in the right headspace going into the date. Here are 5 simple suggestions that can influence your mentality and lead to quality first impression.

  • Present Accordingly – A well-kept, groomed & hygienic appearance goes miles. As mentioned before, physical appearance accounts for majority of the visual information taken into account. Dressing appropriately for the occasion also shows you have put effort and consideration heading into the date. There isn’t an expectation to dress to the nines, but most would agree the better you look, the better you feel and the better you will present!
  • Body Language – Cues like eye contact, tall posture and a warm grin project genuine confidence, which is one of the most highly reported attractive features people seek in a partner. Non-verbal input holds more weight in a first impression relative to the actual words you say. One tip would be to avoid excessive nodding, rather instead hold a slight head tilt can indicate you are listening which leads us into the next tip.
  • Be on Time – This boils down to respect. If you are running a few minutes late, be courteous and communicate that. Allotting yourself time to arrive (or log on virtually) when agreed is an indicator on how reliable you may be in future dates.
  • Be Attentive – Setting aside distractions like keeping your phone away and not diverting your attention to the surroundings allows you to have engaged conversations and build a strong connection. Asking follow-up questions are a major bonus as people appreciate being heard.
  • Be Yourself – Authenticity will draw people to you, staying true in who you are will build a natural trust with anyone you meet. Your energy and attitude will leave them with a lasting first impression.

In summary, all the social and physical information we provide to the external world impacts how we are perceived in a split second. When working with relationship experts here at Maclynn International not only can we equip you with style tips, date spot recommendations, and personalized feedback but more importantly we empower our clients with the knowledge and self-awareness to make a quality first impression and lasting romantic connections

by Sarah Powell

Matchmaker, California

Sarah Powell is our Managing Partner at the California office. She is a native Californian and has also lived internationally in both Australia and the UK. She obtained a Baccalaureate in Biological Sciences and credentials in Applied Behavioral Analysis, which has provided her with a psychology-driven approach to matchmaking. Sarah previously founded her own date coaching business and has years of headhunting experience, thus is well versed in pinpointing compatible couplings. Sarah finds matchmaking gives her great purpose- a life dedicated to cultivating love and connection.More by this author

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