How to Make a Good First Impression

16 Jun

The key to success on a first date lies as much in your attitude, as your appearance. Here are some important tips that you should consider to ensure you make a good first impression.

first impression on a first date

First dates can be nerve-wracking and you’re only ever going to get once chance to make that all-important first impression. The key to success lies as much in your attitude, as your appearance. Remember to relax, have fun, and think of the date as a treat rather than an obligation.

I have put together some useful tips for making the most of those vital few minutes when you first meet your date:

Be on time – Arriving late shows bad manners and lack of planning and consideration.

Dress to impress – Wear clean fresh clothes that make you feel both confident and comfortable.

Personal grooming – Taking care of your hair/makeup/nails/facial hair shows your date that he/she is worth making an effort for.

Body language – It is the first thing your date will notice about you so make eye contact and smile to let them know you are genuinely pleased to see them.

Once the initial ice has been broken remember that your attitude towards your date and dating, in general, will have a huge impact on how the evening goes:

Be polite and friendly – That, along with smiling, eye contact, and open body language will instantly put the other person at ease.

Listen attentively and ask questions – Don’t sit back passively waiting for your date to make conversation, being interested in someone makes you seem more interesting!

Have a few conversation starters up your sleeve – Favorite movies, books, holidays, or hobbies are usually good topics and will help you get to know your date better. Avoid talking about politics, religion, ex-partners, or anything that might bring negative emotions into the conversation.

Don’t drink too much – A couple of drinks with your date should give you enough time to work out if there is a potential to continue the chat and meet up again, but won’t leave you with a giant hangover the following day.

Put away your phone – Give your date your full attention.

Tell your date if things have gone well – Ask if they would like to see you again at the end of the night.

If you’ve made a good first impression, a second date may be on the table, and before you know it you could be on your way to forming a strong, lasting relationship!

Make a commitment to see positive in every date you go on – You’ll enjoy the time you spend together more, even if you decide not to see each other again.

Be realistic – It may be that you require more than a few meet-ups to really get to know your date and whether you’d like to take things further.

If you need advice on how to navigate the modern dating world, make a good first impression, and create lasting relationships, contact our team of experienced matchmakers and relationship experts at Maclynn International – we would love to help.

by Gina Yannotta

Chief Operating Officer, New York City.

Gina Yannotta is Head Matchmaker & Chief Operating Officer at Maclynn International's New York office. Gina’s unyielding passion for the field, in combination with her extensive experience in matchmaking, has allowed her to orchestrate successful and everlasting relationships amongst her clients. Tasked with running the Manhattan office, Gina utilizes her interpersonal skills and relationship expertise to make a splash in the matchmaking pool, personally connecting her clients with their ultimate match while simultaneously taking advantage of the endless possibilities that NYC offers to its client-base.More by this author