5 Signs Your Date is a Success

20 Apr

Sometimes it can be challenging to gage how well a date is going, especially if you don’t know the other person very well. Luckily, there are a few tell-tale signs that will indicate if the date is going off without a hitch.

Loving couple at coffee house having coffee date and chatting
  1. Enlarged pupils

Have you ever struggled to differentiate between romantic interest and platonic friendliness?  For various evolutionary and biological reasons, our pupils involuntarily dilate when we look at someone we are attracted to. If you notice this autonomic signal in your date, chances are they’re totally into you. One thing to note: if you happen to be in an environment with dim lighting, their eyes may be adjusting to let in more light!

  1. Engaging conversation

When two people are compatible, their values and lifestyles will be aligned in many ways. The more common ground, the easier it will be to engage in interesting and meaningful conversation. Even though dates can be nerve-wracking and awkward sometimes, if you’re a good match- the conversation should flow effortlessly. It’s always a good sign if you find yourself asking questions that you want to know the answers to rather than just to be polite.

  1. Mirroring

The next time you’re on a date, pay attention to the other person’s body language. Do they lean forward when you lean forward? Take a sip of their drink just as you sip yours? Cross their legs shortly after you cross your own? This behavior is called mirroring. It has been established, through countless psychological studies, that when two people are interested in one another, they are likely to imitate each other’s actions and expressions. So, if it seems like your date is copying your every move, don’t panic, it means the date is going well!

  1. Future tense

When the other person starts using the future tense in conversation- it’s a subtle but strong indication that the date is going well. You may notice them saying things like “You’ll have to take me there,” after you describe your favorite restaurant or “Maybe we can watch it together sometime,” as you playfully mock them for never seeing your favorite movie. Of course, if they utter the magic words ‘next time’- they definitely want to see you again.

  1. You kiss

You did it! Even though you aggressively pulled on the door of the restaurant- when it very clearly said ‘PUSH’- and cackled like a witch at that hilarious story, your date still likes you! In fact, they like you so much they want to gaze into your eyes and lock lips! Hooray! A goodnight kiss is the ultimate sign of a successful evening.  It’s obvious they want to see you again – so go out there and plan your next date!

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by Lexi DeMinico


Lexi is a true New Jersey native, and she has always been fascinated with human behavior. She has extensive experience in applied behavior analysis and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Penn State University. Lexi is now applying her keen eye for behavioral analyses in a wholly different capacity, as a matchmaker in our New York office. Connecting the dots between psychology and dating, Lexi’s academic background makes her the perfect cog in the Maclynn International machine. Empathetic, optimistic and generous, Lexi is thrilled to now have the opportunity to use her experience to bring tangible, real-life happiness to others in their search for their ultimate partner.More by this author