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Blog: New York

When Friends Fall in Love: The Study Changing the Discourse

Movies certainly paint the picture of love at first sight, but what about friends slowly developing feelings, perhaps even to their own surprise?

6 Tips to Relax Before Your Date

Feeling anxious before your date? That’s a good sign that the person is exciting to you! However, if you feel too much nervous energy, you may want to try these tips to help you relax before your date.

5 Great Date Spots in New York City

Through our work as Matchmakers, we have a passion for exploring the city for the perfect venues for all sorts of occasions. Here are my 5 favorites date spots in New York City.

Romance for Culture Vultures: NYC and London

05 Oct

Cultural activities are full of romantic potential and guaranteed to put a little zest into a date.

Gay Matchmaking in NYC

29 Jun

More and more gay men and women are turning away from the tired dating apps and gay bars and turning towards the highly tailored, gay matchmaking.

Top 30 Best Date Ideas NYC | A Professional Matchmaker’s Guide to NYC

05 Mar

New York has a wealth of fantastic date locations whether you’ve been dating for five minutes or five years.

Bars of NYC: Matchmaker’s Picks

19 Aug

New York, New York. One of the most vibrant, buzzing cities in the States, if not the world.

There are creative, exciting, inspirational people by the bucket-load. You’ll never be short of places to go, things to do, sites to see – and attractive, interesting, dynamic singletons to meet!

Whether you’re on a first date or several dates in, there are a myriad of amazing bars in this crazy city, right on your doorstep. NYC’s cutting-edge mixology culture is second to none and, rightfully, world-renowned. The city also boasts some of the most incredible views you could possibly imagine for a date spot.

The Top 10 Hottest NYC Rooftop Bars: Rated by Dating Professionals

08 Jul

Whether you’re on a first date or several dates in, there are few better ways to invigorate the mood with romance than drinks overlooking the cinematic views of New York City.

The 7 Finest Cocktail Bars in New York: The Matchmaker’s Choice

08 Jul

The cutting-edge culture of cocktail mixology in New York City is second to none and, rightfully, world-renowned.

Top 5 activity dates London & New York

02 Apr

It’s always much more fun and takes the pressure out of early conversations to be involved in some kind of activity when getting to know someone. Sometimes it can be hard to think of what might be good to do, so here are my top 5 activity dates on both sides of the pond.

Moving to New York: A Change in Dating Culture

24 Sep

American or not, dating in New York City can be a shock to the system for anyone who isn’t a fully-fledged, self-described, all-out New Yorker. Ultimately, only one thing can prepare you for dating in NYC: dating in NYC.

A Guide to the NYC Gay Scene

24 Sep

Dating in New York City can be hard, and sometimes more so if you’re gay man. NYC is a forward-thinking, cosmopolitan place, and on the whole the city refutes heteronormativity and thoroughly embraces its LGBT community, but it can still be tough out there.

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