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Blog: New Jersey

Our Professional Matchmaking & Dating Site for Chatham Clients (NJ)

24 Mar

Dating in the modern world can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you have recently come out of a relationship. Dating apps and online dating sites in Chatham have the ability to provide introductions with new people local to your area, but for many, they simply do not offer the desired level of specification when it comes to finding the right person.

Bespoke Dating in Trenton for Eligible Singles

24 Mar

Finding the time to arrange dates can be difficult for working professionals. Dating apps, while providing an accessible platform for finding and meeting people, aren’t able to replicate the specificity or personable approach of professional matchmaking.

Elite Matchmakers Covering Bergen County

24 Feb

Although the dating scene in New Jersey, and more specifically Bergen County itself, is vibrant, simply finding the time to meet your perfect match can become a lengthy ordeal - and it can be disheartening if you simply haven’t got the time

The Perfect Date in Bergen County

When looking for a romantic date idea in Bergen County, you may find yourself tempted to travel across the George Washington Bridge to Manhattan. But you’d be missing out on a wide variety of exciting, romantic, and quiet date ideas within Bergen County itself. In this guide from Maclynn International, we’ll look at five of the best options for dates in Bergen County.

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