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Blog: Matchmaker’s Comment

Dating for the Over 40’s in a Modern World

40 is the new 30, but is dating over 40 the same as your 20’s or 30’s? Is it a second chapter, a third relationship, or the first time you’re approaching the dating scene with serious intention?

Love and The Psychology of Happiness

The scientific research suggests that most of the things people believe will make them happy, actually don’t. So, what does make us happy?

Long-Distance Relationships: The New Norm

If you are struggling to find fun ways of virtually dating your partner, then here are some tips to keep the spark alive.

Commitment-Phobes: How to Spot a Would-Be Heartbreaker

If you’ve fallen for a commitment-phobe, you're likely to have three options - which will you choose?

How To Survive The Holiday Season

If spending time alone during the holiday season hits you hard, take a moment to read our tips on how to get you through the holidays.

Romance for Culture Vultures: NYC and London

Cultural activities are full of romantic potential and guaranteed to put a little zest into a date.

Game Theory of Online Dating

The popularity of online dating has grown vastly in the last two decades that people download dating apps to pass time and entertain themselves - almost like a game.

Social Media: The New Online Dating 

Online dating has quickly become the new normal, so much so, that most of us can't remember dating pre swiping and liking. But are dating apps the only way to meet people online?

Sex, chores and fairness: egalitarianism in the modern couple

Societal and historical traditions dictate that men bring home the bacon and women look after the home. But how do these roles play out in progressive, forward-thinking cultures in the present day?

The Perfect Partner

When looking for the perfect partner, the wish list can be endless and quite frankly sometimes a little unrealistic. The more items on the list, the more you are getting in the way of finding that someone.

What is Love?

There are many different kinds of love, familial, romantic, friendly and self-love. But how to you define that indescribable feeling?

Is Hook-up Culture leading to a Decline in Monogamy?

With the ever-growing popularity of dating apps, the 'hook up culture' is permitted to blossom in millennials. Is hook-up culture causing a decline in monogamous relationships?

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