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Blog: Matchmaker’s Comment

Slaying the Green-Eyed Monster: Is Your Jealousy Legit—Or Are You Overreacting?

Pretty much anyone who’s ever been in a relationship will have been jealous at one time or another. No one’s proud of it, sure—but we’re all human and it can be managed and even overcome.

Is Emotional Baggage Damaging Your Dating Prospects?

When a relationship comes to an end, the pain, isolation and hurt can be hard to bare. But there’s a silver lining, even if you can’t see it now: you will learn a huge amount about yourself during this turmoil.

Is There a Sixth Love Language?

Is there such a thing as a sixth love language? If there is, it’s probably not what you think.

15,000 Reasons to Stay or Break Up—But Two Stand Out Above the Rest

Have you had those moments where you've sat back to take stock and considered why are you in a relationship, rather than NOT in one? And what is it that keeps you together?

Back Burner Relationships: A Very Modern Dating Phenomenon

“Back burners” are those people we stay in touch with in the hope of someday pursuing a relationship, be that long-term or casual.

The Loneliness of Social Isolation: Why Romantic Connection is Essential

We all require different degrees of social interaction and connection. Some of us are social butterflies, flitting our way through the seas of people, finding pleasure in the wonderful opportunities presented by simply interacting with another person. While others find themselves exhausted by the waves of energy emitted by other people, wishing to remain in the comfort of their home exploring the world of their own mind. Still yet, there are the remaining individuals that fall somewhere in between, juggling their desire to interact with others and wanting to find solace in their solitude.

Are Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Hindering Your Dating Life?

Dating takes due diligence and often feels like a second job so why do we make it harder on your self with our self-limiting beliefs. Although it is not meant to be easy, there may be inward opportunities that can make the experience more seamless.

Taking a Break in Your Relationship

The Friends Reunion special re-ignited the discussion around whether Ross and Rachel were really on a break. The key scene famously ends with Rachel saying “maybe we should take a break”, and Ross storming out without commenting. A US therapist observed there was no proper conversation between the characters, which lead to assumptions.

Are You in a “Foster Relationship”? 3 Red Flags to Look Out For

There’s a new relationship term doing the rounds—and it’s been amazing just how many people have realized that it encapsulates their entire dating history.

Attachment Styles and First Date Observations

When going on a first date have you ever found yourself wondering - will this person be compatible with me? There are many factors that make up compatibility but one of the most determinant and often overlooked is one’s attachment style.

The Ex Temptation: Rekindling Old Flames

The tale of ex temptation, of how two romantic relationships can end and rekindle many years down the line. Sometimes the forgotten love can be re-sparked leading to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

When Your Partner’s Got It All: The Conundrum of Romantic Inferiority

Romantic inferiority is tough to navigate and may have different origins. But profound love requires sharing, autonomy, and perceived equality, regardless of the differences.

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