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Blog: Matchmaker’s Comment

Dating Apps and the Flaws Behind Them

Online dating does have its benefits of course, but just how important are those non-verbal cues for connecting with your date?

Do Men Need a Matchmaker?

It's 2021, you're well-networked, successful, in great shape, but you still haven't met the one. Perhaps it's worth understanding why having a Matchmaker is the solution.

What I Learned From My Career as a Professional Matchmaker

Matchmaking is a lifestyle more than it is a career. As matchmakers, we have the power to revolutionize people’s lives are beyond imagination. 

The Science of Love: Why do I Have Butterflies?

The rush of falling in love is a feeling like no other, the racing heart and mind that gives you butterflies. So, what does happen to your body when you meet someone that you find attractive?

My Top Romantic Festive Strolls: NY and London

What can be more romantic and special than a festive season stroll with the person you love to see the sparkle of New York and London in December.

Money Can’t Buy You Love

Money can buy many things, but is love one of them? Unfortunately, not. So how do we move away from material possessions and how many figures someone's salary has and instead start to move towards forming deeper and more meaningful relationships?

Understanding The Five Love Languages for a Healthy Relationship

What happens if you have a different love language than your partner? I often decode the love languages and explore what you can do when you and your partner's love languages do not align.

Can you fall in love in just one moment?

Can profound intimacy be sparked in an instant, with the help of the right questions?

Invest in Love

You may invest in a gym membership, to feel good and stay healthy, or your education for self-development. The question is, how much are you investing in your love life, and is it enough?

Dating for the Over 40’s in a Modern World

40 is the new 30, but is dating over 40 the same as your 20’s or 30’s? Is it a second chapter, a third relationship, or the first time you’re approaching the dating scene with serious intention?

Love and The Psychology of Happiness

The scientific research suggests that most of the things people believe will make them happy, actually don’t. So, what does make us happy?

Long-Distance Relationships: The New Norm

If you are struggling to find fun ways of virtually dating your partner, then here are some tips to keep the spark alive.

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