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Blog: Dating Advice

Talking About Finances: 7 Ways to Approach Money in Your Relationship

For many couples, managing finances can be very complicated and stressful. Here are 7 ways that you can approach money in your relationship.

Is My Partner Scared of Commitment? 5 Telltale Signs

The magical bubble of dating someone new can be exhilarating, but it can also lead to further questions about where this relationship is going and whether or not your partner has commitment to the relationship.

Is My Relationship Comfortable… or Just Boring?

Do you ever ponder whether you and your partner are truly right for each other, are you comfortable or are you simply bored?

Single and Frustrated? Read My Top 3 Tips for Relationship Success in 2021

Are you single and feeling frustrated with the process of online dating? We are here to help you using our top 3 tips to set you up for success towards finding true love in 2021.

Is Bickering the Road to Relationship Ruin?

Nathan Cheek, a psychology Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University, has recently published a study on relationship disagreements. The key point headline to note is that although disagreements are just a normal part of life and often harmless, they can be triggers for arguments, anger, and resentment that can lead to the end of a relationship. It’s the reason why, at Maclynn International, we specialize and are known for our approach regarding the psychology of relationships and why similar values are so essential.

Modern Day Marriage: How Our Expectations Have Gotten Higher Over Time

Have the expectations of marriage, and the meaning we make of it, changed over time? If so, how do we manage the expectations around marriage?

The Science of Flirting

Flirting can be difficult and feel like a challenge to some. Luckily, science is on hand to set you right and give you a few useful techniques to make the whole process less daring.

Was It Just a One-Night Stand?

Can a one-night stand be more than a spontaneous hook-up? Often a one-night stand can be great but it is important to manage your expectations and take things slowly.

The Importance of a Quality First Impression

Physical appearance, body language and energy can all be used to form a first impression even before you get a chance to speak. A quality first impression is critical and often viewed as irretrievable, so make sure you are prepared.

Can Female Breadwinners Exist in Successful Relationships?

Female breadwinners are affluent, independent and successful in their career - but what does it mean for their relationships? What does stigma have to say about female breadwinners and how can you lead a successful relationship being a female breadwinner.

How to Identify Green Flags in a Relationship

When starting a new relationship, we often find ourselves looking for the red flags but what if I advised you to look out for the green flags. Read on to find out more.

What Does a Matchmaker Do? Professional Matchmaking Explained

All matchmakers use different approaches for their clients depending on how the matchmaking agency operates and the personal preferences of the client. Read on to find out how Maclynn International's approach stands out from the crowd.

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