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How Can We Keep The Spark Alive?

Holding hands, frequent hugs, regular compliments . . . These aspects of relationships may wane as we become more established and ‘normal life’ takes over. Perhaps all it takes is a few acts of kindness and consideration for the needs of both you and your partner to keep the spark alive.

When and how to have the “exclusive” chat?

Things are getting a little more intense, you’re in contact often, and there's a definite connection. But how do you know whether your partner is on the same page? It's time to have the 'exclusive' chat.

7 Simple Relationship Goals that Guarantee Lasting Love

We all have separate goals for our relationship, where we want it to go, what we want from it and how we expect to be treated.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship? A Matchmaker’s Perspective

Mutual respect is at the heart of a healthy relationship, but understand that the occasional argument or disagreement isn’t the end of the world.

7 Relationship Advice Tips from a Chartered Psychologist and Matchmaker

Asking for relationship advice, whether it’s from a friend, family member of professional can sometimes be a little tricky.

The Second Date: 7 Conversation Topics That Will See You Through

There’s a huge amount of first date advice out there but when it comes to that all-important — or perhaps even more important — second date, the advice becomes a little thin on the ground. Read on for my top 7 conversations topics that will see you through.

How to Rekindle Love and Bring Back the Spark

When you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, it can be really easy to become super complacent. Read on for my top tips on how to rekindle love and bring back the spark.

7 Tips to Finding Your Very Own Real-Life Prince Charming – Courtesy of a Matchmaker

As a matchmaker at an elite international matchmaking consultancy, I’m not going to go telling you that putting in a little extra effort on Tinder will miraculously find you a dragon-slaying hunk with a mansion, a yacht and an inexplicable way of winning over your notoriously picky mom.

Top 5 Summer Dating Tips (Courtesy of a Professional Matchmaker)

Summer is near. As a professional matchmaker, I often see a change in the wants and needs of my clients at this time of year. Here are my 5 top tips for summer dating.

Overcoming Relationship Issues: Advice from a Matchmaker

Relationships are perhaps the most beautiful thing we can ever experience, and understanding how to address and overcome relationship issues is the key to a happy life.

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