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Blog: Dating Advice

What Not to Talk About on a First Date

Read on for my friendly reminder of the things we should probably steer clear of while getting our chit-chat on during a first date.

Dating Etiquette: Tips from a Matchmaker

A date can be daunting, especially if you're out of practice. As long as you follow these simple dating etiquette tips, we're confident you can secure that second date.

Take Ownership of Your Love Life

It is time for proactive dating and you will not find the love of your life sitting on your couch binge-watching Netflix. So how do we go about finding them?

A Simple Guide to Securing a Life Partner

If you are looking for a life partner and not having much luck you may be wondering if there is anything you are doing, or not doing that could have an impact on your success rate. Here are some tips that can help you improve your dating journey.

What is a Toxic Relationship? and, More Importantly, Are You in One?

Are you in a good relationship? is it challenging? or perhaps it's toxic and you hadn't realised? Here's how you can identify the warning signs and approach the relationship.

A Matchmaker’s Secret Guide to Dating

As matchmakers, we think carefully about what you need to do to secure successful second, third dates, and so on. Here are our top secrets for successful dating.

Mind the Age Gap

Why is age so important? Is it going to impact the fundamental aspects of a relationship? If someone can provide you with stability, security, passion, and happiness and you share a deep connection then why focus on age.

Do I need a Dating Coach?

From the person who hasn't been dating at all, to the person who has been dating casually but has been afraid to talk about the future, a dating coach can help.

Dating After Divorce

Give yourself time, make some changes and have a sense of humour whilst you navigate through the new dating landscape after divorce.

How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

As an International Matchmaker, I am always connecting people that are geographically separated. For these relationships to thrive, both parties need to have a positive and mature mindset as well as commitment to put in the effort.

How to Make a Good First Impression

The key to success on a first date lies as much in your attitude, as your appearance. Here are some important tips that you should consider to ensure you make a good first impression.

5 Common Gay Dating Mistakes

At Maclynn International, we have been helping exceptional people find love for many years. From our experience, we have identified five of the most common gay dating mistakes. Read on to see if you have also experienced these pitfalls.

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