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Blog: California

Working from Home Made Dating in LA Even Harder

When it came to dating, it’s probably fair to say that working from home really didn’t have any upsides. There was no possibility of meeting someone and then when we could finally meet it was socially distanced for a long time, meaning intimacy was off the cards.

Finding a Gay Relationship in California

25 Apr

When it comes to gay dating, California's the right place! Los Angeles and San Francisco are ranked as the largest gay communities in the U.S. after New York. With the overwhelming diversity and uniqueness in the Sunshine State, your partner may be just around the corner!

Our Luxury Matchmaking & Dating Site for San Diego Clients

24 Mar

While dating apps and online dating sites have helped people start new relationships, for others, they may not provide the right level of specificity or simply fail to meet their expectations.

Whether you’re not interested in dating sites or you simply don’t have the time to meet new people, Maclynn provides a unique solution that puts you in control and allows you to live your life without the hassle that comes from modern dating.

Elite Matchmaking For Santa Monica Singles

21 Mar

In this hectic era, meeting that special someone can often feel like an impossible task. Within Santa Monica (CA), you may be presented with some great opportunities to meet new people, but so often you’ll find huge amounts of time wasted, with nothing to show for it. If you’re tired of dating apps, mixed signals, and wasted evenings, then our exclusive matchmaking service may be of interest to you.

Swipe Right on Matchmaking

Dating apps are a great way to meet new people but users can become disillusioned after bad experiences. Some turn to professional matchmaking for help finding their ideal relationship.

Bespoke Matchmaking & Dating in San Jose

24 Feb

Although the dating scene in San Jose is exciting, vibrant, and teeming with opportunity, simply finding the time to date, or even finding the right person, can become an ordeal - that is not only tiresome but can also be time-consuming in your busy lifestyle.

Dating in Silicon Valley

27 Jan

Silicon Valley has a technical problem when it comes to its singles finding love. The unique style, pace and drive of the town’s work culture is recognizably productive but this may be detrimental to the individual's dating life.

Standout Date Spots in San Francisco

11 Mar

As we begin to re-emerge and safely socialize, we are tickled to share some of our favorite San Francisco date ideas for both freshly budding and fully blossomed couples.

Romantic Rooftops of Los Angeles

22 Feb

Experience Los Angeles’ most captivating city views with these romantic rooftop recommendations.

Dreamy California Getaways

25 Jan

West Coast, Best Coast? From its eternal sunshine, rich landscape and diverse culture, California is always an attractive romantic getaway.

Love in the City of Angels

04 Dec

Dating can be a tricky game. This is true no matter where you are. But dating in Los Angeles comes with its own unique set of trials and tribulations.

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